Bible Memory

The Bible Memory app was designed to creatively utilize the interactive features of the iPhone and iPod touch to help users have fun and stay engaged while memorizing Bible scripture. The app includes algorithmically generated Review and Quiz modes to reinforce and test the users learning.

With notifications, an accountability system, and review quizzes, Bible Memory gives you the best opportunity to succeed and retain what you have memorized.

Bible Memory for iPhone and iPod touch

  • Automated file import and a flexible database schema accommodates hundreds of categorized verses in four Bible translations.
  • Three study modes encourage users to read, review, and test their learning.
  • Review mode breakpoints, and Quiz mode blanks, are generated algorithmically to accommodate any verse.
  • Home screen provides visual feedback on verses completed by category
  • In-app email allows ad hoc sharing or automatic notification of a defined set of study partners

Quiz view leverages the iPhone spinner

Daily study reminders reinforce accountability

Retention quizzes re-tests verses