FanGraphs Baseball

The FanGraphs Baseball iPhone app is featured on iTunes in the App Store Baseball Essentials promotion. Previously, FanGraphs hit the top 10 in the  iTunes Sports paid app list.

“4 Mice. FanGraphs Baseball for the iPhone is a must-have application for any fans interested in learning more about the game they love.”  MacWorld

Live MLB game stats on FanGraphs Baseball for iPhone

  • Delivers live game graphs and game data using a custom XML-based protocol.
  • Fast data refresh and intelligent caching allow quick, multi-screen exploration of any game or player
  • Tight integration with web services for data and image update
  • Elegant design maximizes user access to detailed graph and tabular data
  • Standard and custom UI elements include a multi-segment control, custom inning tab selecctor, graph view, and pop-up calendar
  • Integrated tell-a-friend sharing via in-app email
  • Integrated metrics provide platform, usage, and demographic data

Game graphs calculate win probability

Includes every major league player in history

Detailed, live Box Score stats

Live play by play for every MLB game