Snow Globe Maker

I highly recommend this and hope that you brighten someone’s day and get them in the Holiday Spirit with the Snow Globe Maker app.

With the family friendly Snow Globe Maker app series for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, creative parents and kids can express their artistry and have some fun designing and sharing unique, personalized snow globes. Snow Globe Maker Winter was featured in Apple stores during their 2009 holiday promotion.

  • Architected with independent library support to enable quick brand extensions
  • Photo and camera integration for adding pictures to globes
  • Integrated sharing: in-app email, post to Facebook, save as photo, tell a friend
  • Multi-touch UI support for touch, tap, double-tap, and pinch gestures
  • Accelerometer integration — shake the phone to make the snow swirl
  • Robust memory management to enable on-the-fly art composition
  • Layered art integration provides 3D look-and-feel with 2D performance
  • Multi-view list and random selectors
  • Custom audio with easy on-off control
  • Local HTML rendering for quick Web view support
  • Integrated metrics providing platform, usage, and demographic data

Snow Globe Maker Beach and Snow Globe Maker Spring also available on the iTunes App Store.

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