Stretch Your Holiday Dollars with the Snow Globe Maker iPhone App


It’s easy to be both frugal and cool this year with the Snow Globe Maker Winter Edition iPhone app, available now on the iTunes App Store for only $0.99.

Once the Snow Globe Maker app is downloaded from iTunes, iPhone and iPod touch owners can start creating festive email greetings, custom gift tags, place cards, and other holiday crafts for friends and family – it’s creative, fun, and so easy that kids can make greetings too.

MerryChristmasSnowCustom holiday email greetings can be created with Snow Globe Maker in three simple steps:

1. Customize the snow globe with a favorite combination; the globe background, base, four inserts, and snow style can all be changed. There are over 350,000 possible combinations – from a Santa and presents, to a polar bear and penguins, to skates and a sled. With so many choices, there is a Snow Globe Maker combination right for everyone.

2. Personalize the Snow Globe Maker label with a custom greeting: Merry Christmas Katherine!, Season’s Greetings from Julie, Peace on Earth. There are 30 characters to play with, and users can always say more in email.

3. Share the finished globe with the Email Photo option. The email form is integrated with the contact list, and the subject and message can be edited for each recipient. Family and friends receive a snow globe greeting made just for them, and Snow Globe Maker users save on holiday cards and stamps.

Holiday snow globe greetings can also be posted to Facebook to share with online friends, or saved as photos for printing. Printed snow globes can be used in holiday crafts and as custom gift tags, scrapbook decorations, or place cards.

“This year, we’re watching our budget and focusing on more personal gifts,” said Julie McCool, founder and mom to twins. “We have a great time making custom snow globes for people on our holiday list: the cat and dog for Grandma, Santa and a baby deer for the younger children, skis and snowboard for our active cousins, and the wolf and fox for a nature-loving niece. We even save and print our snow globe greetings to make custom gift tags.”

The Snow Globe Maker iPhone app includes:

– a library of beautiful inserts, backgrounds and bases

– an editable text label

– two zoom levels

– integrated email, Facebook and photo menus

– a Random button for auto-customizing

– auto snow, shake to snow, and no snow options

– a custom winter theme song

– support for Shake, Touch, Tap, and Pinch gestures on the iPhone and iPod touch

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